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Shops - Manually Convert Your CCC One Printed Estimates to EMS Files

Print estimate(s) to PDF file(s) and upload to Estimate Reader.

To Convert Estimates to EMS Files
  1. Print a CCC OneĀ® estimate/supplement(s) to a PDF text file(s) and save it to a folder on your system.
  2. Click Select File. Select the estimates you want to convert to EMS files.
  3. Click the Blue Upload Button. The printed estimate(s) will be uploaded and prepared for conversion to EMS.
  4. Click the Convert to EMS button. A Ticket# will be created for the estimate(s) EMS files.
  5. The estimate(s) will be converted to EMS files. It may take up to a minute per estimate long estimates take a bit longer). You can wait until the page refreshes (look at the top for the wait spinner), or copy the Ticket# and come back later.
  6. ** - Your vendors can also use the webservice to incorporate the EstimateReader seemlessly in their software -- **

To Download Generated EMS Files
  1. You can record the Ticket Number are return later to download your EMS files.
  2. Click the GET EMS Files button. A zip file containing the EMS files for all the uploaded estimates will be downloaded to your browsers download folder.
  3. Load the EMS files in your CCC Export folder.
  4. Import into your existing software as usual.

Collision repairers can convert their printed CCC One estimate files into EMS files using the EstimateReader. These files can be used an any other EMS files, imported manually into software that accepts EMS files or can be used with data pumps. Simply upload CCC One estimates, convert to EMS files, download and place in your existing import folder. All your existing data pumps/file watchers will continue to operate as normal.

Software vendors can use the site's web-service to upload and receive data from EMS files, allowing for simple integration with the existing software. Vendors interested in incorporating the EstimateReader web-services in their software can contact Steven Siessman at
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